Who we work with:

We love what we do and seek out clients who are equally motivated and open-minded. Many of the people we treat have tried numerous specialists and are tired of temporary or maintenance-based pain relief. Others want to enhance performance and/or treat and prevent future injuries. 

We don't have one protocol for everyone. We believe every individual is unique and because of this, our treatment is not one size fits all. Our sessions are a balance of relaxation, breathwork and customized manual therapy or laser. We emphasize the importance of relaxation and balance and teach clients techniques they can practice in daily life.

We have the most success with those who realize that recovery can take time and that both the therapist and the client must work together to achieve lasting results. This is a partnership and those who benefit most are the ones who follow our treatment plan and understand the crucial balance between training (breaking down the body) and recovery.  


Preparing for your therapeutic treatments

Our client needs to shower before receiving therapies in order to get the most out of the experience.

As a courtesy to your therapist, please arrive on time. It is important that we stay on schedule as other clients await their scheduled appointments.

  • Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.
  • Make me aware of any questions, concerns or discomfort you may experience during the treament.
  • *Your privacy is respected; anything discussed during your visit will remain confidential.*
  • If this is your first session, please have the health Forms filled out and available for review.
  • Client history will be collected and evaluated to determine a personalized treatment plan. To expedite the intake and get the most out of your session, please list any previous accidents, injuries or traumas you've experienced. No inury is insignificant. Even if it didn't land you in the ER, the injury could still be causing trauma in the muscles or on a neurological level.